Monday 20 November 2006

Bye YogaLimbs Vincent, via 3hr class!!

Sunday was an interesting day. My yoga activities have been a bit lower recently, way below the twice a week I try to stick to. Depending on the class you can get a good workout (power yoga) or a good stretch which is nice if you are sitting all day. It does benefit my other sporty activities as well by having a bit more flexibility.

Anyway, this sunday a 3hr class was organized to "celebrate" Vincent Hewitt his departure to Shanghai. Vincent is one of the main teachers at Yogalimbs in Hong Kong. Yogalimbs is opening up a studio in Shanghai in cooperation with a new welness spa center called " The Living Room". Vincent will go there and get the operations started and will be spending some time as lead teacher I believe. An exciting new step for YogaLimbs and VIncent of course.

The 3hr class was jampacked and was a good workout for the quads this time :) A good extension of regular 90 minute classes without draining you out completely.

After the yogaclass there was a little farewell party, with some good...indeed indian food. Always interesting to talk a little more with people outside the yogaclass. Surprising to hear new stories behind the faces you always see. In this case i rediscovered certain people do have a complete family, you see people in jobs that I did not expect them to be in etc. The session lasted 1.5hrs and of course included a cake cutting ceremony. As Vincent was the leaving men...... he was supposed to speak a few words, since he is normally present...this was not expected to be an issue. However, he starred in silence this time :)

In the evening an extra "good bye" was organized. Vincent was tricked into coming out for the evening to do "some things". Some of the long time yoga girls organized a karaoke night in Red Box in Causeway bay. Now am not a big karaoke fan, but hey its for a good cause. So around 19:30 Vincent and entourage show up at the place.....

In short, it was not a bad evening where a mix of cantonese and english songs passed the screen, drinks and food passed the table and it looks like everyone enjoyed themselves more or less.


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