Friday 25 May 2007

China drops real-name blogger plan

In the recent months there has been some talks in China where webloggers were required to start using their own names.

This would of course allow a stricter control on (critical) postings...The plan has been scrapped. One of the reasons is that it would be nearly impossible to administer it properly.

On the other side, the community has take its own responsibility now.
The Internet Society of China (ISC) said on its Web site that it would seek public comment for one week on the "Blog Service Governance Communique." It encouraged "self-discipline" among bloggers and called upon the blogger community to "consciously enhance their sense of responsibility and social awareness of public morality."


Tuesday 22 May 2007

Nourriture et humeur - une célébration sensuelle

Recently a friend of mine organised a party to celebrate her 21st b'day (yeah, maybe at the end of the evening people believed you...certainly not at the start!)

She had some help in organizing the event but it was definitely interesting. There was a good mix of people varying from law firm partners to make up artists, from international traders to illustrators.

The venue was quite..interesting I would say, since it wasn't a regular restaurant, bar nor lounge area. After being there for a little while we noticed price tags on many of the things present in the room. The location happens to be the "showcase" of Hong Kong’s First Lifestyle Concept Boutique called Kou run by ms Louise Kou.

More information can be found here , although the site looks in progress at the moment so an alternative article here.

Hong Kong wouldn't be Hong Kong if there was great attention for food. The team engaged the culinairy skills of Lakshmi Harilela, who runs Love True Food. A hollistic approach to living where food has a good place and can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The different dishes she came up with where interesting and refreshing. Like a small oyster in chili sauce as a shot. Fresh asparagus interesting refreshing sauce over it.

The whole food and being experience was backed by the tunes of mr Cove Overley who was spinning the wheels of steel at the party. He is resident DJ at Kee Club

Monday 7 May 2007

just got a call from mt everest

where my friend Marc van der Chijs with some people are biking from Lhasa to Kathmandu.

I was supposed to be there...however a number of reasons stopped me to participate.

The story can be read at Marc his BLOG. So far so good, working out at that height is a tough cookie to deal with. The roads are seriously far him and his dad have not opted to ride with the support cars.

He described the views and experiences as absolutely stunning and amazing.

Good luck guys and keep up the work in good health and lots of fun!