Sunday 5 August 2007

Hong Kong beach fun..

Today Sunday, I decided to take it a little easy for a part of the day.

So decided to go to the beach together with SiuShan.

There are lots of beaches in Hong KOng, but todays choice was the one in Repulse Bay. As it is easy to get to and easy to go to Central where we had to be in the afternoon.

The majority of beaches are well maintained and are managed by the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department. In reality it means they provide lifeguards, make sure facilities are well maintained and operated, keep the beach clean etc. This also covers putting in shark nets, buoys and other markings.

Now since they are concerned with the well being of visitors (why else would they put many many many many signs up with info) they put lifeguards there.

This morning was particularly nice, not toooo hot, a little breeze, not to many people on the beach. Whilst enjoying a relaxing morning, suddenly I got scared by....a major announcement.

Oops forgot about that.. since the department is concerned about out well being, there are regular really loud announcements over the tannoy. Reminders to do warm up excercise before going in the water, not to swim when we are tired, hungry or full.

We are also reminded to take care of our belongings and ask the staff for assistence if and when required.

Of course we are asked to keep the beach clean by not littering nor spitting...with risking a fine of HKD1500!

Now all this is well appreciated.....but why so loud :) There is no concern about my personal enjoyment at the beach....the main reason i came there in the first place.

Anyway, it was an enjoyable stay