Thursday 9 August 2007

proud and happy

I dont blog a lot about my work activities, but this one i would like to share.

At the moment I am in negotations with a MNC for a practical project management training session, in combination with coaching and mentoring 15 of their staff.

Understandably the potential client asks for references.....

The feedback provided by a previous student was the next:

I took a project management class that Mr Ekkel taught and I was enormously impressed with him as a teacher and a professional. He was interesting, engaging, and remarkably flexible and adaptable. The students were from at least four different countries, with background ranging from medical research to IT to marketing, and he was able to draw us all in and use examples and situations that seemed to apply across the disciplines. Best of all, he managed to keep us well-engaged through several days of hard work.

I highly recommend him and would certainly use him without hesitation should the opportunity arise.

Please do not hestitate to contact me again.


Its always nice to see hard work appreciated.....

Thanks Patricia....who attended one of my Project Management Professional (PMP) classes in Bangkok, organized by the NetworkTrainingCenter.