Thursday 27 March 2008

bye bye nice weather

We had a relatively long and cold winter in Hong Kong. For weeks the temperature was between 8 and say max. 14-15C which is cold for here.

I was nearly feeling back in Europe :)

We had some amazing days with nice weather and clear skies.

Here some pics fro a hike in new territories:

Or to Lantau and Tai O earlier this month:

Unfortunately those days will be postponed. Hong Kong is now entering spring season.
Meaning more rain, changing weather..and definitely more humity and higher temperatures.

Humidity will start touchin 95%+! Which is very high and uncomfortable. Laundry takes ages to dry, and if you have a shower in the evening...your bathroom is barely any drier in the morning.

When you stand outside (let alone walk or excercise) all feels wet and clam.You need to have dehumidifiers in cupboards or else you might have the mushrooms growing on your ties :)