Monday 28 April 2008

Excellent Weekend Start with dinner @ world piece cafe

Last Friday after work, we decided to go and have dinner in the World Peace Cafe which can be found in Wanchai Hong Kong.

This restaurant is run by volunteers and serves pretty much full organic vegetarian food. Its very simple as there is only 1 set menu for HKD185, of course they have some deserts, coffee, tea etc you can get.

The atmosphere is quite relaxing as the light is dimmed, some light music in the background...and definitely not too many people.

Altough simple, we got served a 4 course meal that tasted remarkebly well. The menu changes every week, which makes it interesting to return.

We started with a plate with little tomatoes and some other things on there. Quite tasty.

Following the starter was a clear broth soup with carrot, fungus and some other things in there. Quite a good taste, not too salty (they don't use too much oil and msg!!)

The main courses was a multi layered dish with an acquired taste.

And desert, a nice fuitmix was accomponied by some indian chi tea.

In total, a good time we go for some food and then pop around the corner for a drink at The Pawn :)