Monday 21 April 2008

notification of presence

Recently I decided to move away fromy previous host, not easy decision though!

I used to be with GISOL.COM which I used to host my corporate site (SynergySynQ Ltd.) as well as my personal weblog (

If things run...then no major issues with the guys.... However, I had some issues of email not being available, email queues cleared out (meaning all new messages deleted), non response from support, messed up domain names etc.

When looking around for a new hosting provider, you set yourself up for a good challenge. Many reports/feedback don't look that real. Do you want a local (in my case Hong Kong) based provider, or one based in the US. The main difference is price and package availability.

One good thing I have to say about GISOL is their control panel. It allows you to control each of your domain completely independent, including independend statistics.

For my blog I decided to host with the guys from BlueHost, lets see how that works out.

The question to work on now is.... shall i move to wordpress or not :)