Saturday 7 November 2009

The Garden...autumn in Indonesia?

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One of the perks of living and working in Jakarta Indonesia, is that it is possible to have a nice house, with a garden... and yes even a pool! For not toooo overly crazy prizes.

After a little search, we found ourselves a decent place...with a spacious garden and a pool indeed! The climate is such here that it allows sitting outside pretty much throughout the year. Something I do appreciate big time, as during the day I am locked in aircon-environment for most of the time.

Although Indonesia doesn't have 4 seasons, it looks like it is autumn in my garden. The week started with a trip to Singapore. Upon my return, a big part of the garden was covered with leaves and branches that fell down.

The rest of the garden is not in that bad shape so most of the work had to be done on cleaning up the leaves and branches. As I had not bought a hose yet... the rest of the plants could not be watered (just as well it rained a bit).

In total the gardener cleaned it up quite fast, which makes things look way better.

I am thinking to put a little waterfall in the garden, probably close to the terrace.....coz I like the sound of it. The other thing is definitely a dining set.