Monday 27 February 2012

Portait Winery Hong Kong

Over the last years Hong Kong has experienced a boom on wine-bars, wine shops with some new business models coming through as well. For example sampling menu's, wine by the glass or by taster, get a card and "tap" as they do at California Wine Bar.

A new comer on the block, with definitely a cool concept is Portrait Wines. They import grapes from a few selected vineyards and do the whole winemaking process in Hong Kong. Winemaking takes place at their "factory" in Tsuen Wan. Besides making and bottling the wines, there is also a distillery where spirits are distilled. Pear schnapps is an example of what was available when I paid a visit to their tasting room (31 Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong).

After a startup phase they started bringing their own wines to the market. If they were to sell to the big shops, bottles would be easy to recognize. The labels are made in a 1940's style graphics with the wines having similar themes. Definitely something different!

Their tasting room has a nice atmosphere, and a good place to pop in for a pre-dinner drink, whilst waiting for friends or anything else along those lines. Whilst being there, there are a number of tasting options if you feel in an exploration mood.

Their Rose (Farmgirl Rose) is a nice surprise and could grow quite popular. Compared to many others it is not overly sweet, and a good warm weather drink! It has a refreshing strawberry (not overpowering) and citrus aroma, with subtly dry flavors of ripe melon, peaches and red-red berries coming through.

Other red and white wines are definitely worth a try.. and to not spoil the surprises.... I will not share any more details. Pop in and enjoy :)

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