Monday 16 July 2007

WIFI on the mtr in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been in the frontline on communications development, not only in Asia but definitely globally.

It has one of the most competitive mobile phone markets, both in handset as well as on the delivery/service provider side. This is definitely a good thing for consumers as we get treated with lots of good offers.

On the internet area, 3-4 years ago I already had a 6mb connection, shortly going up to 8 whereas many of my European friends didn't even cross the 1mb line.... and they paid more then I did :)

Where many countries are still working on 2G, 2.5G, EDGE some even on 3G has Hong Kong already deployed "mobile internet", a 3.5G connection giving you workable internet speeds.

Mobile phone reception is good in the city, much of the country parks, and even in tunnels and the MTR (underground trains). What was missing for me is the availability of WIFI in many area's

Now when boarding the plane in Bangkok last weekend my eye was attracted to an article in the South China Morning post making a reference to WIFI becoming available in the trains. More postings on this has been done, for example by ZDNET

More then 2.5 million passengers use the MTR here, so this will give an opportunity to read emails, answer etc before getting into the office.

I am curious to see if this will have an effect on the sales of WIFI ready handsets...As in rush hour it will be way toooooo busy to sit down with your notebook on your knees.

An initial drawback could be the usage price of 20HKD/day, would love to see a good package for the other services provided (wifi in the city, internet connection at home etc). PCCW seems to be the provider, and they are on the right track with free wifi at HK airport....