Saturday 18 April 2009


Living in Hong Kong is definitely interesting. It is a very cosmopolitan place with lots of Eastern and Western influences.

There are a good number of things that work really well in Hong Kong:
- shopping: an abundant amount of shopping malls for all budgets
- public transport: superb and cheap.. covering buses, trains, minibuses and taxi's really well set up
- food: such an abundance and available 24hrs a day!
- internetbanking: it takes a while to get it started..but do love my hsbc internet banking.
- immigration: lots of paperwork...but straight forward
- service in most restaurants and shops: fast
- availability: shops, supermarkets, starbucks....all over the place
and heaps more.......

Things that surprisingly are slower or work with difficulties:
- supermarket restocking: often compared to the Netherlands products are not available, out of stock or just out of the collection
- banks: sooooo many forms needed for hsbc
- dry cleaners: takes around a week!!! to get a suit dry cleaned

Just a few thoughts after going to dry cleaners and supermarket this morning...