Tuesday 4 August 2009


In the last weeks I have been traveling a few times to Jakarta.

As I had not been to Indonesia before, I was curious and didn't know what to expect.

The airport was actually smaller than I expected it to be. I got my visa prepared in Hong Kong, so no issues there. Before hitting immigration, you walk past the "health section". Hand in the "I have no flu form". They have a really interesting machine there that apparently can do on the spot disinfection of people. (sorry...no pic nor video on that one).

Immigration went very smooth as well. Only had to wait for a few minutes.....way better than Thailand :)

Luggage is quite interesting, I think they only use 2 carousels. And...as at many airports, everyone tries to jump onto the band. So that as soon as your case arrives....you will need to fight your way through to pick it up..and out to get away.

From there....its time to get another form ready to pass customs. And indeed...where they will run your case through a scanner if they feel like.

Driving from the airport to the city with a BlueBird taxi is interesting. Jakarta does have high rise.....but coming from Hong Kong... it is definitely not as crowded in the sky.

Anyway, lots of new world developments there. Big shopping malls, new major estates.

Interesting was arriving at the hotel. My first time arriving at the Mulia the headlights of the car put the security guards on the spot. First thing I noticed were their automatic weapons. Interesting I thought (this was before the recent bombings).

The trip after that got even more interesting security wise. Arriving at the hotel, my luggage was taken out of the car and put into a separate room. In the room security staff asks you to open up your luggage, which is followed by them checking up on things. Depending on the person, they will go through every single thing in your suitcase.

Arriving at the office, I noticed an increased level of security as well. All cards get stopped, opened up and bags get checked with detectors. Entering buildings is a bit more hassle as well those days as security guards actually do check things now.

Anyways, the weather is good :)