Wednesday 30 September 2009

Black Out

Another topic to the list of discoveries in Jakarta....a full on black out.

Recently we had an earthquake here so I knew the emergency lighting in my office building was working.

This week Tuesday the power suddenly disappeared just after lunchtime. Lights went off, aircon off, network down, phones down...followed by lights on (being the emergency light obviously). As we have teams in 2 towers, I found out that the other tower was out of electricity as well.... and looking out of the window a very big area was without power.

Cause...a power station, being the major power station of Jakarta went on fire. A bit of background info can be found here at the website of The Jakarta Post.

I was expecting some form of communication or so from the building management. Just as well I didn't hold my breath..... Around 3hours later, finally some messages over the PA system....announcing that there was a power breakdown :) As we had not noticed yet....nothing about when things will get fixed.

Coming in the office the next day...situation was still the same. Although, 1 tower had more power. Air-conditioning was working on one part of the office as were the electricity plugs. The other side of the building was just....darkness.

On my tower..still lights only, some air-con and some plugs were working. So my schedule is...few hours in one office...then a few hours in the other to recharge laptop and then back to other floor.

Apparently the black outs will last for nearly a week till PLN fixes the powerstation.

Let's see