Saturday 3 October 2009


Thursday evening rushing out to Pasaray close to Blok M in Jakarta Selatan.

Objective: buy a batik shirt-> as on Friday everyone would be wearing batik, on government request.

October the 2nd would be day UNESCO was official naming BATIK as cultural heritage. Although there have been many claims around the region, Indonesia seems to be the holder of the origin of Batik.

Batik , originally coming from the island of Java is technique for dyeing fabric using 3 basic colors being indigo, dark brown and white. Interestingly enough the 3 was linked to 3 Hindu Gods. Which then goes back to the religion on Java in those times.

Different patterns had different purposes and meanings. Certain patterns were worn by the man on the street whilst others were for nobles.

Anyway, even those days Batik still has an important place in the society and is worn during important and less important moments.

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