Sunday 18 October 2009

more earth quakes in Jakarta

Last friday I was in a meeting "at the second floor", and suddenly there it was again. Windowblinds moving, floor feels wobbly..sounds like yup another earthquake.

During the last earthquake it remained silence in the building I was in. Silent as in no announcements, no alarms whatsoever. This time around there were announcements and alarms went off quite fast, signaling people to make a move and evacuate the building.

I decided to take a nice spot in the middle of the road opposite my building. The official meeting point is in the centre square of the building...blocking emergency service access...and standing in bulls-eye position for falling debris.

Interestingly enough my wife was less than 500m away in Pacific Place in Jakarta enjoying a nice cup of coffee and nothing happened there. I send her an sms that we were vacating the building. So her next step was to ask a waitress why people are not evacuating as there was a quake. Her answer was.. hmm sorry miss I don't know. I did think I imagined the earthquake because of my headache.....

Well, it looks like this one didn't do too much damage like the last 2.