Tuesday 23 January 2007

environmental awareness in Hong Kong

It looks like Hong Kong starts realizing that the waste problem should not be solved by looking for more landfills, or waste burning opportunities.......but its time to start looking at the core of the issue.

Lat year in April a number of big chains held a NO PLASTIC BAG DAY. Quite a good initiative that hopefully creates general awareness to look into packaging.

When buying groceries in a supermarket here, it never stops amazing me to see how few people carry their own bag to transport the groceries. The occasional maid\domestic helper does, however the majority of people don't.

Interesting is that every time I say that I don't want a bag, the staff at the check out says thank you! and a few cents are deducted from my bill. Even though its a few cents, its something.

Sometimes, I do take the bags as we use them as binliners at home, or to pack sweaty clothes after a yoga or gym session.

As a result of last years campagne a 2007 edition will follow according to the government.
It is becoming more of a habit, and many companies adapt it by declaring the first tuesday of the month as NO PLASTIC BAG DAY, according to another government article..

It looks like the coin is dropping for people, according to Standard:
Statistics gathered by the Green Student Council showed that on "No Plastic Bag Days" retailers saw a 40 percent reduction in the number of bags used.

The Environmental Protection Department said last November the three major supermarket chains had reported 24 to 29 percent reductions in plastic- bag usage since the program's inception. This was well above the target of 15 percent reduction over a one-year period.

In addition, the number of retailers participating has increased from the initial six to 39, according to the Green Student Council.

Which are definitely promissing results!

ANother (recycling) initiative is gaining momentum, where people can dispose all their electronic equipment waste in a good way. Information about this initiative can be found at the website of the Environmental Protection Department

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